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About Us

Universal Lending Corporation has helped individuals and families from every walk of life achieve their dreams of responsible home ownership. Our mortgage professionals embrace our passion for customer care, and educate and empower each potential home buyer throughout the entire process, so you make informed, considerate decisions that ensure your home mortgages fit your budgets and keep your families financially secure.

In fact, that is our mission: People Helping People Achieve Their Dreams. 

Based in Denver, Colorado, Universal Lending has grown from a staff of three to over 200 mortgage professionals around the United States. We understand the impact we make on you and on our community with every loan we make, and we take the privilege and responsibility very seriously.

Universal Lending has the most experienced team of Reverse Mortgage Professionals in Colorado – a combined total of over 70 years!  Universal Lending is proud to be a locally owned and operated mortgage company that has been in business since 1981 offering a variety of mortgage products.


Unique from most Reverse Mortgage lenders, loans at Universal Lending are processed, underwritten and closed right here in Denver.  This gives us the HUGE ADVANTAGE of completing most of our loans in an unprecedented two to three weeks.

We are dedicated to the integrity and education of the senior homeowner and their families, so they can make an informed decision about this unique program.  We are knowledgeable, compassionate, disciplined and completely committed to nothing less than excellent customer service.  Our staff is devoted to the highest ethics and meticulous detail on every transaction.

We hold the prestigious honor of being approved by the Colorado Real Estate Commission and The Colorado Division of Insurance to provide continuing education classes on reverse mortgage for their members.

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